Why hire me?

I breathe, eat, dream and poop level design. When I am working on my levels time flies by.
*looks up at the clock and realises it's 2am again ... goddamnit*

I 've done various jobs in the past and never found anything quite as engaging, challenging and providing a feeling of self-fullfillment as designing a level does to me. I am finding it hard to see myself do anything else for the rest of my days on this puny planet.
I like the changes from iteration during development, constantly challenging myself to do better, learning from my mistakes and the experiences of other people.

I make neat stuff; www.marnamai.interlopers.net

Why level design?

Creativity, constrained by technicalities or mechanics, working within those constraints and getting the best out of it.

When I am not blocking something out, setting up gameplay or AI combat, I am usualy messing around with npc scripting, I am particulary fond of NPC's interacting with eachother or the environment.
Something I really try to push for in my levels is action and consequence, good visual feedback for the players actions and little bits of environmental story telling.

I enjoy fixing problems (bugs), figuring out how something works (reverse engineering) and how to make it work. Many times overthinking doesn't end up resulting in the best solution.
The best solutions are often the most overlooked simple ones.
* and if it still doesn't work out, hide it. (sometimes you simply have to cut your losses)*

The only thing I love more than getting stuff to work is seeing people play my levels, it gives me a really big boost and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when people enjoy it.
I am able to take people's feedback and criticism to cook up a solution or improve upon an existing design.

What do I love about games?

(interactive)story(telling), exploration, immersion (combination of setting, graphics, sound, consistent design), choice & variation (how to approach a certain combat situation, having multiple dialogue options with a different outcome)

What type of games do I like?

Immersive single-player or coop fps games with a focus on story.

or check out my steam games list:

What is important to me in a game studio?

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