Why hire me?

I breathe, eat, dream and poop level design. When I am working on my levels time flies by.

*looks up at the clock and realises it's 2am again ... goddamnit*

Level design is a way to get my creative juices flowing while constrained by technicalities, mechanics, deadlines and getting the best out of it. I have yet to find anything as engaging, challenging and providing a feeling of self-fullfillment as designing a level does to me. I am finding it difficult to imagine doing anything else for the rest of my days on this puny planet.

I prefer function over form, so I mostly focus on blockout, gameplay and scripting, but I am an old school level designer with a fully rounded skill set, so I am also able to texture, do detail and lighting passes, implement sound, ect ...
Something I really try to push for in my levels is providing good visual feedback to the players actions, their consequences and environmental story telling, I am particulary fond of NPC's interacting with eachother and the environment.

I constantly strive to improve by learning from my mistakes and the experiences of other people, I always keep my ears open for feedback and criticism in order to cook up a solution and apply it through iterative design.

I really enjoy fixing problems by figuring out how something works or why it doesn't and how to make it work.
The best solutions are often the most overlooked, the simple ones, sometimes it doesn't work out after a couple attempts and while it can be difficult, I am able to make the call in order to cut the losses.
The only thing I love more than getting stuff to work is seeing people enjoy themselves while playing my levels, it gives me a really big boost, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, nothing quite matches it.

What do I love about games?

To say it in one word, immersion, I just love being able to lose myself in a game, it's a combination of storytelling, player agency, consistency, exploration, setting, visuals and meaningful choice. I have a strong preference for single-player and coop fps games with a focus on story, games such as:

or check out my steam games list:

What is important to me in a game studio?