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Maarten Frooninckx
Level Designer
3D Artist

Self-taught leveldesigner, with a passion for immersive single-player games.

Experienced with Source SDK (Hammer, Faceposer) & Cryengine Eaas.

+ blocking out a level with a good eye for scale, composition and flow
+ solid understanding of gameplay mechanics and pacing
+ scripting (I/O & flowgraph)
+ texturing and lighting, choreography, optimizing
+ interpreting playtest data and making tweaks based on feedback

Additional skills
+ Lighting & composition
+ High & low-poly modelling
+ Sculpting
+ Unwrapping & texturing
+ Prepping models for use in game (optimizing, lods, setting up materials, collision proxies)
+ Basic animation
+ Rigging & skin weighting


A personal project, singleplayer mod for Half-life 2: episode 2. I am responsible for every aspect of; level design, gameplay, writing, scripting


My entry for the 'Lost Journey' leveldesign contest, made over the course of 2 months mapbattle 49

A mapbattle centered around a pre-made template bridge, the scene was made using Left4Dead2 assets over the course of 4 days


My entry for Planetphillip's Run Think Shoot Live leveldesign competition, made over the course of 5 weeks

Human Error Co-op

After joining Human Error as a playtester, I worked on Human Error Co-op as a level designer and game designer

Research & development

playtesting and contributed ideas

3D models

A small selection of models I've made ( more coming soon)